DAZPRO was founded in 2005, is a law firm providing professional services about consulting and legal dispute resolution activities Business - Investing - Commerce. The aspects of the legal service that we have capacity provide as Investment Consulting, Project Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Business Licensing, Business Registration, Tax Consultants, Consulting contracts and Dispute Resolution in this perspective.

Customer trustworthiness is the most important value to us the lawyers and our system have to really work effectively to serve that worth. We especially focus on customer care, training and development human resources permanent and apply quality services control tools according to the standard of a professional law firm. As the application of rigorous process services of company, organization hierarchy, compact valued creativity, flexibility, but also ensures careful, conscientious in each solution.

Customer service. We always start from the approach advocated must to understand customers. Because if we have insight about customer , business strategy, their needs and social context, relevant legal policies, will determine the success of the solution legal that we propose.

Creation - Effective - Take Heart - Professional is the motto of our work. Creation to Customers get the most optimal solution, Efficiency to Customers get the most authentic values​​, dedicated to the same customers overcome the most complex problems, Professional Customer satisfaction for most. That is the core value to DAZPRO sustainable development.