Legal advices
The lawyers give legal advices, assess legality, feasibility, advantages, opportunities, difficulties, risks.

Legal documents drafting 
The Lawyers draft contract, legal documents, ...

Legal procedures
The lawyers represent the client drafting, justification legal documents to state agencies.

Legal disputes resolution
The Lawyers represent the client to settle disputes at procedural agencies.


Corporate law

Investment law 

Trademark law

Franchising law

Foreign trade law

Tax law

Securities law

Banking law

Real estate law

Labor law

Competition law

Education law

 About us 

Established in 2005, the DAZPRO Business Law Firm provides legal services to business clients in the services and manufacturing sectors. Based on the understanding of the business law system, the experience and professional service capacity, our lawyers help clients comply with the law, forecast risks, thereby contributing to increased efficiency and business opportunities for clients. Our continuous effort for legal service quality, deep understanding the demand and interests of clients have helped us to become a business law firm that clients trusted and selected for many years. Brochure